Meet Dr. YoYo

Dr. Yolanda McElroy is a native of Monroe, LA where she resides with the joys of her life, her husband Lieutenant Eric McElroy and their two sons Skylar and Jalen. She is a registered pharmacist where she has served the Monroe, West Monroe area for over two decades. After spending several years in retail pharmacy, she later became the Director of Pharmacy at Cornerstone Hospital where she has remained for the past 19 years. Her current brainchild, MediManage Consulting, lives up to its mission  to help build a healthy community through the education on safe medication use and the reduction of medication-related problems that will ultimately have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Her Story


Dr. McElroy is a member of Prevailing Faith Ministries where she has served as a worship leader for more than a decade. She also works with the youth department teaching them how to serve the community and minister through music. She loves to travel with the youth ministry as they bring a message of hope and love to suicidal and/or homicidal children that are residents of a local mental health facility.

Working as a leader in ministry caught Dr. McElroy by surprise. By nature, she was shy and reserved while often hiding her gifts and talents. It was when God thrusted her from the background to the forefront in the music ministry, that her life began to completely transform.  Dr. McElroy attended the Liberty School of Ministry Bible Institute and graduated in 2010. It was her intention to attend ministry school to gain a deeper understanding of the scripture, but God’s plan was greater. Thenceforth, she humbly accepted the call to the five-fold ministry as a teacher of the Word of God. No longer living timorous, she now encourages others to walk boldly in what God has called them to do all while having fun and enjoying the journey. Over the past several years she has shared God-inspired messages with youth groups and at women’s conferences.  

Dr. McElroy’s mission is to spread the love of God by being a walking example, snatch the lost youth out of the hands of the enemy, and encourage people to live on purpose and fulfill God’s plan for their lives. It is her heart’s desire and primary goal to always obey quickly and lead a life that is pleasing to the Father.


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